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We're A bunch of Nerds. 
It means we know a lot about electronics, and we're going to fix them as best we can.

Maintenance and Repair
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At the Desh Repair Bay we have been doing repairs for over 10 years now and a cumulative 40 years of experience. We pride ourselves in service to the customer in every way we are capable while also getting your devices repaired without any of the hassle bigger chain stores will push on you. 


It's been a wild ride and there is more to GO!


With every evolution of our business we aim to do better. Better deals, better service, better prices. Anyone who knew us when we started would know we were just a single 6ft counter with a few fold-out tables we did repairs on. Today we grinded our levels and have applied our skill points wisely so we can get an even wider variety of repairs done. High powered microscopes, laser machines, and an extra wide variety of soldering kits (Yes Plural) to do every repair we can in-house for your devices. Next on our journey is retail and custom work stations. How is this cool though? Well, just repairing your devices may not get you back up and running, so why not provide better quality chargers, parts, and accessories that you can rely on.


What do we Fix anyway?

Well if you click the shiny red button below you will be taken to our repairs page. Now we may generalize some of our repairs into categories and may not specifically list your device. Worry not, all you have to do is ask if we can fix it and we'll let you know. So go ahead.... Click the shiny red button.

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